It's time for YOU to become a WEALTHY WOMAN!

TRUTH: We all wish we had MORE MONEY.
We are going to help YOU create total financial clarity (so you direct where every penny goes), get organized, create your personalized plan to reach 7-figure net worth (or whatever your goals are) and show you the plan so you can fund your financial goals and dreams for your family and your business.

We may have different reasons for wanting those extra dollars...but, we all want it.
Stop for a second—I know you just started reading, but just try this...

Close your eyes and ask yourself, 
 What would it mean to me to have more money in my bank account?
Take a second and let that question sink in.

Would it mean:
  • Financial security during tough times? (Plenty of those to go around, #inflation)
  • ​Doing what you want when you want?
  • Saving for your children’s education?
  • Taking a much-needed vacay (beach, mountains,
  • ​Giving to your favourite charitable cause?
  • ​Vacation Property?
  • ​Owning Your Dream Business?
Whatever it means for you, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS:
More money means having more freedom to do the things that you want to do.

More Money means More options and more access.
If you are a home-based entrepreneur and I'm inviting you to work with me for 3-months to ACCELERATE YOUR WEALTH and become a WEALTHY WOMAN!

You know it's your time to become a Wealthy Woman and the world needs you to step into your birthright and abundance and claim your WEALTH!

This powerful program has been proven to work and will help you get out of the “I can’t", "I don’t know where to start", or "If I haven't yet, I never will…” mindset and start thinking that once you have the education, the DFY (done-for-you) financial planning and the one-on-one accountability so you WILL grow your money!

You are unique and you deserve this! Make this commitment to yourself and set aside this time for you (& your family & future), as I know all too well how difficult is to get started or how to ask the right questions when it comes to your finances. Let me help guide you!

Your individualized, personalized, customized financial money plan is out there now just waiting for you to take action! 


We are going to help YOU create total financial clarity (so you direct where every penny goes), get organized, create your personalized plan to reach 7-figure net worth (or whatever your goals are) and show you the plan so you can fund your financial goals and dreams for your family and your business.

You will walk away from this program with your own personal WEALTH MAP for both your personal financial life and your business.

You will have in your hot little hands the following by the time we are done:
• Financial Clarity Plan 
• Financial Plan
• Risk Management Plan
• Investment Plan
• Legacy Plan
• Money Mindset Mastery
• Cash Flow System for both Business & Personal
BUT, that's not all.  

This isn't just the coaching around this, WE DO IMPLEMENTATION! 

Meaning, this isn't just words we are spouting, we actually will help you take ACTION & IMPLEMENT your plan immediately!

Remember, this program has been designed exclusively for YOU! This program is about YOU, YOUR money and YOUR goals.

You spend hundreds per month on health and self-care, but the financial area of your life is totally neglected. 

Your wealth is AS important as your health!

This is NOT a group program as this is as individual as you!

Sign-up and let me and my team work with you for the next 3-months to break on through!!

Book your FREE financial clarity call or get started now and INVEST in becoming a Wealthy Woman!

This program is an investment of $3000. We do have 3 payment plan options available.
• Do you ever feel stressed about where money is coming from?

• Do you ever wonder how you are going to pay your bills?

• Do you wonder if you will ever be able to retire?

• Do you stress about your investments or just give up and not even bother to understand them? 

• Do taxes have you worried and up all night?

• Do you know you are smart and so much more yet you think working harder is going to make a difference, but it hasn’t so far?

• Do you have mild panic attacks every time you have a little or big expense come up?

• Does your home and business office look like a bomb went off and you don't know how to get it organized once-and-for-all?

The result: you are perpetuating financial stress, worry and overwhelm.

So who am I?
I mean, if I’m going to show you how to become a Wealthy Woman, I better BE a Wealthy Woman…

Well, I am.

My name is Lisa Elle, and I’ve been helping women slay their money game for over 20 years. I’ve also worked with hundreds of families to help them conquer their finances, so they can fund their dreams.

As a Certified Financial Planner®, wealth strategist, author, blogger, podcast host, and business owner, I have built true financial bliss and a business that brings me consistent cash flow every month for the rest of my life.

I’ve helped the rich become richer and the “barely-getting-by” restructure their debt and save taxes so they can still enjoy their favourite lattes and designer purses!

But I wasn't always this organized!

I've struggled through my own business failings over the last 20-years and investments that have tanked! I've learned a LOT and I've also learned a LOT from my clients that has brought me to be a wealth of financial information which I want to pass on to you so you can fund your dreams at light speed and learn from the mistakes of myself and others.

I've been all over financially - from having to ask for help from family members, to making huge investment mistakes, to starting my own business 20 years ago, to rebranding that business, to missing mortgage payments, freaking out about money, to pouring my heart, soul and every last penny into my business to finally thriving in my financial life.

I work with women just like you starting where you're at (good, bad or ugly), to get to that next level and ultimately reach your financial goals - sooner than you think!

So, are you ready to finally fund YOUR dreams like a WEALTHY WOMAN?

Was that a 'HELL YES'? 

Then you need to join me for this 3-month power program so you can get out of overwhelm or worry or frustration and find your financial bliss!

I have the system, tools and transformational coaching ready to go when we connect for this 1:1 implementation program so you will confidently be able to call yourself a Wealthy Woman!
  • You are starting or already running a successful home-based business
  • ​You've had "Get Organized Financially" on your to-do list forever
  • ​You've tried many budgeting, accounting & investment systems but nothing seems to work
  • ​Your desk is a perpetual mess
  • ​You are worried and stressed about taxes, investments and virtually every financial transaction you make
  • ​You are sick and tired of being sick and tired about money
  • ​You don't have a plan for next time poop hits the fan financially in your life
  • ​You are too busy for this program but still have to deal with your money issues.....everyday
  • ​You can't sleep at night because there's too many money monsters keeping you up
  • You aren't interested in growing your wealth 
  • ​You love paying too much in tax
  • ​You don't run a small business
  • ​You aren't ready to take ownership and responsibility of your wealth
  • ​You are happy to be stuck in overwhelm, stress and worry about your money
  • ​You don't want to be coached or guided 
  • ​You aren't ready to face your financial reality
  • ​You don't really care about leaving any money or financial stability to your family
  • ​You love not sleeping at night because of financial stress
  • ​You are quitting and selling everything you own and moving to Bora Bora
  • Waking up everyday NOT stressed about money!
  • ​No more scrambling to pay all the bills!
  • ​Knowing confidently where every penny is going and where every penny is coming from!
  • ​Taking that dream vacation with not a worry in the world!
  • ​Looking at your clean organized desk and knowing that all your books are up to date!
  • ​Making financial decisions and investments with ease and confidence!
  • ​No more surprise tax bills!
  • ​Knowing if something happened to you that your family is taken care of!
  • ​Total confidence around the next unexpected or expected financial emergency!
What will our 3-months together look like?
Once you sign up, the first step is booking in your jumpstart financial clarity call. 

This will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship between you and your money and I will be the guide by your side to see where you are financially and then where you’d like to go from there. (PS. If you feel you have "no" money and are embarrassed to even talk about your money, remember this - everyone has to start somewhere and there is no shame in this!) 

I will create a personal WEALTH MAP JUST FOR YOU to help you on your journey (my team and I will be there every step of the way)! Here you will also establish your schedule and the best way to connect (via in person, phone calls or zoom).

From here, there will be a little grunt work needed from you! But don’t worry, the hardest part is over… signing up!

There will be guided inner work we do together that I guarantee will shift your current financial situation, start making headway with your finances and help you fund your dreams!

Together, we will do weekly instruction/wealth work check-ins and coaching calls booked at your convenience to fit your crazy schedule. 

You also receive VIP all-access pass to The Wealth Collective™ Library Membership Site for the entire 3-month program (which includes all DIY’s, DFY’s, PDF’s, wealth worksheets and course content.)

You will also receive additional services that Ellements Financial Group offers at reduced rates - such as bookkeeping, tax filing, and estate planning documents.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to shift into your new WEALTH MINDSET!

A wealthY WOMAN knows money is a current of energy that HAS TO HAVE A PLACE TO FLOW.
If you are stressed about money right now, if you’re blocking it from flowing into your life, there is something you need to know:
There is money to be made – always.
Money WANTS to flow to you – in fact, it’s BEGGING to flow to you because that is your birthright! So...
  • Don’t think for one second that money is “HARD” to earn. 
  • Don’t think for one second that there is a “SHORTAGE” of money. 
  • Don’t think for one second that “NO ONE IS BUYING” or that there is a lack of customers (or downline) available.
  • ​Don’t think that “MONEY ISN’T MEANT FOR ME”. 
Money is meant for you. It wants to flow to you.

And, it’s not in short supply – even now. (Actually, that’s going to maybe be part of the problem, because there is so much money flooding our economy right now!)

If you believe the above statements as truth, that is what you will manifest in your life – that is what will unfold for you.

It just is what it is. The law of attraction.

You won’t be able to change your life until you change your thoughts.

I wish there was a magic wand to wave, but we all know that our mindset has to change first.

We hear stories all the time of people who are suddenly given LOTS of money or win the lottery...and are broke within a year.

Obviously, they didn’t have the mindset for abundance, they didn’t take time to cultivate and grow their money mindset, which leads to financial health (physical health as well!) and wealth.
It’s time to be certain. 
It’s time to BE A WEALthy WOMAN!

Here's What She Said...

“We have been a client of Lisa’s for over 18 years, and we have seen the benefits of doing proper insurance planning first hand. When I was 44, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and because we had a proper insurance plan in place through Ellements Group, which included Critical Illness insurance, my family and I were able to make it through my cancer treatment financially unharmed. Trust me, this was a huge blessing! Not only do you need to have a proper insurance and financial plan in place, you need to have the right planner that can help you make sense of the insurance jungle out there and has the knowledge and expertise in this area. Lisa is that person for my family and we laugh – a lot.”


Age 47, Calgary, AB
"I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing some of your financial passion and knowledge with me!! I had an ‘AH HA MOMENT’ when you talked about “caring for your money”. I’ve always said (even out loud) that I don’t really care about money, and that I’m not attached to it. You made me realize that I LOVE MONEY, AND I CARE ABOUT MY MONEY!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you . Changing my mindset around money is the breakthrough that I needed to move powerfully forward in my business success! I truly appreciate you!"


Age 55, Calgary, AB
“Ellements Group wasn’t the first financial planning company I spoke with. For years, I went to my bank with all my planning concerns and never had dealt with the same person twice. When I work with Lisa she spends time on educating me on what I need to know more than she did trying to sell me anything. After she spoke and she addressed all my concerns about my current situation and my future goals, I became a client. For the first time in this industry I felt valued as a person, not just as another client lost in the big banking world.”


Age 35, Cochrane, AB
“As a young working Mom, it is important to me to know that our family has adequate savings, life insurance, & critical illness insurance. I always manage our daily finances, however never had a clue where I needed to start with long term smart planning. After just one day of taking Lisa up on her offer to review my portfolio, she was able to ease my fear of making uneducated decisions and start putting complex strategies into terms that I actually understood and valued. One month and a few meetings later, I have confidence in speak about finances to friends and family and had security in knowing that our family had was investing in smart choices. I couldn’t have done it without the supportive approach to education I received with Lisa & the Ellements Group Team.”


Age 39, Kelowna, BC
“I had trust issues. For years I trusted my bank to provide me with expert financial planning advice. And while I thought I was happy with their solutions, it wasn’t until Lisa opened my eyes up to a much wider landscape of options. That’s when I realized my bank was really more interested in selling what they had than finding the absolute best fit solution for my needs. Now that I have seen how Lisa & her team at Ellements Group works to both understand my unique situation, and find the best fit solution for my needs – trust issues gone and I won’t settle for less!”


Age 27, Airdrie, AB
“I have worked with The Wealth Collective™ and coaching with Lisa one on one and it’s been such great clarity for me and so helpful to have someone to call/text at a moments notice and ask questions to as I’m going through my divorce. Not only am I growing my wealth, my mindset has shifted so much around money that now I’m not as terrified to deal with my money on a daily basis. Thank you Lisa!”


Age 41, Edmonton, AB
Is it time you had your own personalized 
map to wealth?
"Lisa is magnetizing, inspiring, uplifting and a literal delight. From her book, to her podcast, to just hearing her speak, I have learned so much about money, business and life. I don’t know how one person can be so captivating, smart, funny, and fabulous all in one package, but Lisa is the real deal."


Age 30, Edmonton, AB
“I needed financial help when my in-laws passed away unexpectedly and I had to deal with the estate. Lisa was so knowledgeable and helpful to answer all our questions and guide us through the process. I feel so confident to have someone on my side that isn’t associated with the bank and is independent advice for estate and taxes! I’ve referred Lisa to all my friends and will continue to do so!”


Age 36, Vancouver, BC
"Lisa is such an amazing woman and a great leader for women! She is very knowledgeable, approachable and I look forward to meeting with her to review all my finances even though I’m a banker. I want her perspective."


Age 48, Calgary, AB
The Curriculum
Week 1:
The Art Of Attracting Epic Clients
Your message may be attracting people who aren't ready to pay you in full. Let's change that! In this module you'll learn how to elevate the quality of clients you attract so you can stop attracting people who aren't motivated or ready to invest in themselves.
Week 2:
Create A Magnetic Brand
Anyone can create a "personal brand" but not everyone knows how to become a Movement Leader. I will show you the elements that will make you a movement leader so you can reach more people and elevate your positioning.
Week 3:
Design Your Unique Methodology
We will design, package and price a signature process unique to you that no one else in the world has. You'll be able to scale your business to consistent 5-figure months with confidence knowing you know exactly how to deliver your gifts in a 1:1 or a group container!
Week 4: 
Your Magnetic Marketing Message
How do you communicate what you do in a way that makes your soulmate clients stop their scroll and make their hearts skip a beat? That's exactly what you will learn in this module. This is my secret method to speak to their soul and empower them to buy. 
Week 5: 
Audience Growth + Lead Gen
Let's get more eyes on you, shall we? Because there's no point creating epic content and offers if no one can see them! I will share how I've been able to 5x my audience in 12 months with tact and integrity!
Week 6:
Magnetic Content  Trifecta
t's time to create content that connects with them and converts to sales. I've decoded my high converting posts and turned them into soulful, empathy-based frameworks and formulas so you never start with a blank page! You'll master the 9 types of posts that have helped me scale to 5 figure months consistently!
Week 7:
Pre-qualification process
No more spending hours on the phone with people who are not a match for your epic offer. It's time to put systems in place to make sure you run an efficient operation and preserve your energy for epic clients only.
Week 8:
Empowering Sales
Imagine selling 5-figure packages with ease and receiving payment in full after having a fun empowering conversation with your new epic client. That's my reality and my clients’ reality. After this module, it will be yours too.
Week 9:
Deliver an Epic Experience
I will show you how to delight your clients and create a never-ending referral system that can support your business even if you stop doing marketing all together!
"Lisa is everything you could possibly dream of in a financial planner! She might be the most impressive woman I have ever met! She is incredibly organized,  intuitive and understanding. She takes the often overwhelming field of finance and breaks it down in easy to digest concepts. She also takes a holistic and fierce, yet feminine approach which is a breath of fresh air in a field typically dominated by masculine energies, which I often find intimidating."


Age 39, Edmonton, AB
"Money - It’s our greatest life challenge right now and I just want to be able to retire one day and live comfortably but we had no roadmap on how to get there or where we’re even was always just a someday goal. Now I don’t have to dream of winning the lottery so I can retire. You’re my god send Lisa!!


Age 43, Cochrane, AB
“Working with Lisa has changed my life. I don’t know what else to say but I’m finally organized and know what’s going on with my money & future retirement!”


Age 49, Kelowna, BC
It's a choice. But is it really?

Not knowing what we want out of life and dismissing the good that is coming to us. 

What if you chose to head in the direction of your desires and purpose? To be the boss?
Stop blocking the flow of money into your life;
Plan, execute, and become A wealth Boss;
Be the CEO of You Inc., with no excuses, and claim your financial power...
What if you accept this invitation and challenge? 

What if you decided that you were ready to have more money in your life...and the freedom it would bring?

It’s up to you.

It’s staring you in the face right now.